Today’s blog features my good friend and fellow Psychologist, Dr. Hannah Joharchi. Dr. Joharchi is based in California. She specializes in trauma, codependency, PTSD, and challenges associated with sexual identity and orientation. I am honored to have Dr. Joharchi share her knowledge and insight. If you would like to obtain more information about Dr. Joharchi or to subscribe to her blogs you can visit her website at www.softheartpsychology.com

Dear Soft Hearted Loves,

Beautiful.  It is absolutely beautiful to hear so many people referring to their partners as a partner, looking in the mirror and loving their queer selves, and feeling okay internally about their sexuality.  

There are so many people still struggling with their sexuality as it intersects with other parts of themselves.  Society doesn’t help sometimes.  I feel angry and hurt when people use the whole “I don’t want to be excluded” to increase the inclusivity of LGBTQ people argument.  Or I just don’t know about all that stuff.  When people at large struggle as it is toward self-actualization or self-acceptance, why push down queer people?  Why push down at all?  

Homophobia has long-standing impacts on peoples’ health, including mental health.  I am saying homophobia is actually dangerous.  I imagine internalized homophobia is too.  So what can people do to resolve or heal from some of this hateful rhetoric?

Healing Your Inner Child Through Therapy

Perhaps taking your inner teen to talk with someone about those times when it was hard to just be you will be healing.  Maybe talking with a psychologist about what it was like to feel alone, isolated or different is a special way to honor that part of your story.  

Listening to those inner parts of ourselves and sharing that with a trusted psychologist can be life changing.  There’s nothing like feeling understood, connected, and to have a mirror reflected back to you in a therapeutic relationship.  Doing this around these parts of us that have been excluded or hurt can be such a kind thing to give ourselves.  

With kindness,

Dr. J

3 thoughts on “Homophobia-Yikes!

  1. As a homosexual man who grew up in Texas, I encountered a lot of this hate (though I am lucky that I am one of the more masculine ones and was thus able to fly under the radar). I appreciate those of you who are raising awareness and taking on homophobia! ❤

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