You Always Have a Choice

Sometimes life gets really difficult to face. Sometimes we feel hopeless and helpless. We question the universe and wonder what have we done to deserve this. It can become a challenge to figure things out and to solve those problems. It doesn’t help that the problems can feel gigantic. They feel so heavy. Like we’reContinue reading “You Always Have a Choice”

You Can Take a Different Path!

The American Dream What is this idea of “the American dream?” This idealistic view of what you’re supposed to achieve in life. You’re supposed to get good grades, go to college, graduate, and start your decently paying career. After you move up in the company, you purchase the single family home with the white picketContinue reading “You Can Take a Different Path!”

You Can Take a Break!

I’ve been working on the railroad…All the live long day… Why does the world glorify being a workaholic? Someone please tell me. It’s often seen as admirable to work 80 hours per week. When you surpass the standard 40 hour week, people admire your work ethic. There are people constantly working overtime. People love stayingContinue reading “You Can Take a Break!”